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Building brands that succeed in China requires more than a marketing campaign. From our deep expertise in taking major brands to China, we have developed a suite of innovative, high value products and services that will help identify:

• where your hottest markets actually are
• who you really need to be marketing to
• which relationships will make your brand front-of-mind
• What sales messages resonate most

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ChinaRight™ Get your Chinese brand name right

To engage the Chinese consumer, you need to connect with their hearts and minds. Which is why even the most famous global brands have a meaningful Chinese name. To get it right, a Chinese brand name needs to bridge two cultures:
• The original essence of the brand, and its hallmarks
• The nuanced way Chinese consumers interact with brands
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China Speaks™ Find, understand and engage your most valuable audiences

A unique, bespoke platform that combines in-market and in-person audience insights, with data analytics and interactive delivery. Hear directly from the people that will transact with you about their needs and aspirations; access the insights and analysis you need to shape your China strategy, and better engage with your audiences in-market.
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Sector Insights

Sector-based market intelligence, including trends, government policy updates and opportunity identification so your product offer is right for the end market. Be better prepared to take advantage of opportunities with deeper insights to their sector.
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China-fy your Website

Start where it matters most: a website that communicates your brand and message in a way your China audiences will understand, respect, relate to and engage with.
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Success Guide

Invaluable business and cultural advice for anyone doing business in China available as 10 digital syndicated topics. Quickly get to the heart of what’s required to succeed in business and relationships in China with critical insights and learnings from 20 years experience in-country.
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Relationships are important for any business, but in Asia they’re important in a different way. To get traction and results, having the right connections and people as in-market advocates to represent your interests, is critical.

About Us

Success in Asia requires having superior capability where it matters most: in-country.

With over 20 years experience in navigating the challenges of branding in China we know the region, with a proven network of best-in-class partners in China (PRC and Hong Kong), Singapore, USA and Australia. We have led strategy and communications projects in the UK, PRC, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Australia and Scandinavia.
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Our Team

We have a global team of heavy-hitter brand, communications and research experts with specific skills, valuable insights and the right contacts. From government policy to sector analysis and market insights, we believe our team is the equal to the best the region can offer. And as an independent entity, we follow what we believe is best, not what ‘head office’ tells us to do.
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Key Sectors

Financial Services

Financial Services

Commercial relationships are at the heart of the opportunity in the Asian Century. And financial services are a critical component in delivering success. Knowing how to align your message to the needs of business and High Net Worth individuals is key.



Food security and the westernisation of Asian palates are two major factors in defining where opportunities lie for primary producers. Unlocking the decades-long potential for revenue requires a specific skills set and understanding of Asian markets and mindset.



The longstanding “It’s all about us” method of attracting tourists no longer applies in the Asian Century. High Net Worth travellers want an experience on their terms, and will pay handsomely for it.  Matching their expectations to your offer is where specialist skills are required.



Asian integration into occidental institutions is no more apparent than in the education sector. With competition from well regarded and well funded competitors in the US and Europe, positioning your educational brand in a differentiated, credible and holistic manner is a critical determinant.